Strengthening Relationships Among CILs and the SILC: Building and Maintaining a Statewide Partnership (1 Hour)

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About the Training

Does your state have a strong, mutually beneficial relationship between the SILC and CILs? If you do, you certainly know that it takes lots of work to build and maintain a statewide Independent Living network. Those of you that don’t may feel like things will never improve or that changes from WIOA have brought difficult new issues to the forefront.

This training provides effective strategies for collaboration and network building between CILs and the SILC in your state. The presenter provides concrete examples of how SILCs and CILs can work together in partnership to create a strong statewide network to advocate, collaborate on the SPIL, and deal with changes and challenges as a team.

This training isn't just for SILCs. Given the new enhanced role of CILs in the SPIL process and the nature of the topic, both SILCs and CILs are encouraged to view this training to learn how they can work together in partnership to create a strong statewide network

Target Audience

SILC & CIL Executive Directors, Council and board members, staff, and any others interested in strengthening the statewide partnership between CILs and the SILC.

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this training, participants will be able to:

  • Describe statutory requirements related to developing working relationships between SILC and the CILs
  • Identify avenues for teamwork with CILs for planning and developing your next SPIL
  • Describe some examples of best practices for SILC-CIL partnering

View the Training (01:25:06)

Transcript and Resources

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