Supporting Youth in Transition: How CILs Can Contract for Youth Transition Services (1.5 Hrs)

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About the Training

Centers for Independent Living (CILs) are required to support young people with disabilities as they transition to adulthood. This “new” core service is hardly new anymore, but many of us are still trying to figure out the best ways to address it. Join us in September to learn how one CIL has built excellent youth transition services for young people in their community – and turned them into revenue generators for their CIL. LVCIL (Lehigh Valley Center for Independent Living) has spent a decade building programs for young people with disabilities, and getting paid by VR, schools, and other funding sources to do it. Our presenters will share the details of their programs, lessons learned along the way, and how you can get started or expand this work in your area. 

Target Audience

CIL Program Managers, IL Specialists, Youth Transition Facilitators, and any other staff members who work with youth with disabilities.

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this training, participants will learn:

  • Describe strategies for establishing relationships and collaborations with vocational rehabilitation, school districts, and other relevant organizations.
  • Identify steps to set up and manage pre-employment transition services (Pre-ETS) for youth.
  • Describe examples of funding opportunities, partnerships, and contracts to maintain youth transition programs and services.
  • Describe examples of successful programs and services that demonstrate how the IL philosophy is integral to providing transition services for young adults.

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