Updating Your Policies to Match Current Financial Regulations (7 Hours)

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About the Training

This training is an in-depth look at how to implement the Uniform Administrative Requirements 45 CFR 75 into policy and practice. This on-demand training was originally conducted in November 2016.

Target Audience

This training will be most beneficial for boards and staff of Centers for Independent Living and Statewide Councils for Independent Living, who wish to apply the most recent financial regulations to update their current policies and procedures.

Learning Objectives

You will learn to:

  • Describe updates to old policies based on the OMB Circulars 110, 122, 133 using the more current regulations flowing from Uniform Guidance, and included in the Administration on Community Living's requirements for all grantees.
  • Identify what costs are allowed and which are not allowed.
  • Describe what is included in the new purchasing requirements.

Video/Training Materials/Resources

Below are links to the recorded sessions, the PowerPoint presentations, text transcript of the presentations, training materials, and a link to additional resources on CIL financial management. To view individual presentations, follow the links below. To view a catalog of presentations from this training visit,


View the PowerPoint Presentation for all the modules

Module 1: Objectives and Uniform Guidance & Uniform Administrative Regulations

Module 2: Rules for Procurement, Part 1

Module 3: Rules for Procurement, Part 2

Module 4: Audits

Module 5: Property and Equipment

Module 6: Conflicts of Interest-Part 1

Module 7: Conflicts of Interest-Part 2

Module 8: What is the DSE's Role with Part B Recipients?

Module 9: Internal Controls and Recordkeeping

Module 10: Questions from Day One

Module 11: Recordkeeping

Module 12: Indirect Cost Rate and Allocation

Module 13: Time and Effort Reporting

Module 14: What costs are non-allowable?

Module 15: Lobbying or Advocacy?

Module 16: Other information from the new requirements

Module 17: Next Steps and Resources

Additional Resources on CIL Financial Management