Establishing and Managing Fees-for-Service in Centers for Independent Living: SELF-STUDY MANUAL

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We gratefully acknowledge the training content and resources provided by specialists in fees-for-service and marketing at several IL-NET and New Community Opportunities Center training events that led to the creation of this manual. Many of the presenters’ ideas, strategies, and program descriptions are incorporated here. Our deepest thanks go to the following:

  • Dennis Fitzgibbons – Alpha One
  • Kathie Knoble-Iverson – Independent Living Resources
  • Cara Steidel – Lehigh Valley Center for Independent Living
  • Carol Voss – IndependenceFirst

This manual is designed for small group discussion or self-study. Work at your own pace. The authors recommend that you schedule a block of time that works within your organization, during which you will read the manual and complete the exercises. Plan to spend an hour or so on each chapter. Some chapters will take less time, others a little longer.

Center for Independent Living (CIL) boards of directors, management, and staffs may benefit by working through relevant chapters as a group or individually. Included in each chapter are discussion questions that work equally well in either format. Use these questions for self-assessment of current knowledge and identification of areas needing further study. Group discussion will be enhanced by having a facilitator who has read the entire maual beforehand and drafted a discussion agenda that will best serve the group.