Technical Assistance for CILs

ILRU's IL-NET National Training and Technical Assistance Center for Independent Living provides timely and responsive technical assistance (TA) to centers for independent living (CILs).

  • For general questions about finding resources or trainings or being added to our email lists to receive updates on upcoming training activities, please contact ILRU at or at 713-520-0232.
  • For more specific questions related to the needs of your organization or improving operational excellence, contact Paula McElwee, IL-NET T&TA Center Director for Technical Assistance at or 559-250-3082 (Pacific Time).   
  • ILRU offers peer training and technical assistance monthly at 3:00 PM ET for: 
    • Executive Directors - Second Monday of each month
    • Assistant Directors, Program Managers, or Middle Managers - Second Tuesday of each month
    • New CIL and SILC Staff - Second Wednesday of each month
    • CIL Financial Managers - Second Thursday of each month 
    • Under 40 IL Leaders - Fourth Monday of each month

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