Contracting with Health Plans: Why Working With Health Plans and Payers Is Vital to the Independent Living Movement (1 Hour)

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Aging and Disability Business Institute

About the Training

This training presented by the Aging and Disability Business Institute will inform CILs (Centers for Independent Living) and other CBOs (Community-Based Organizations) about partnering with health plans and payers and how it can help to diversify the funding and building of self-sustaining programs. The presenters have first-hand knowledge of how working with health plans and payers provides an opportunity to serve more people, provide more comprehensive services and position organizations as advocates for services for the disability community. Additionally, presenters will address challenges often encountered by CILs and CBOs seeking to contract with or contracting with health plans and payers, as a way to discuss strategies to address and overcome challenges.

Participants will:

  • Describe how working with health plans and payers can build self-sustaining programs for CILs; 

  • Identify the benefits to CILs and CIL consumers in contracting with health plans and payers;

  • Describe challenges CILs and other CBOs might face when partnering with health plans and discuss potential strategies to overcome obstacles; and,

  • Describe the initial steps to building relationships and partnering with state agencies.

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