Disability, Diversity, and Intersectionality in CILs (2 Courses in the series)

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About the Disability, Diversity, and Intersectionality in CILs

  • Disability, Diversity, and Intersectionality in CILs: Strategies for Strengthening Outreach to Unserved and Underserved Populations
    Provides an overview of what disability, diversity, and intersectionality (DDI) means for CILs and what CILs can do to prepare for, welcome, and meaningfully support racially and ethnically diverse consumers. Published in 2019.

  • Disability, Diversity and Intersectionality in CILs: Increase Services and Programs for Diverse Groups
    Provides an overview of the programs, services, and diverse populations CILs serve. Published in 2023.

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