Foundations of Independent Living Series (4 courses in the series)

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About the Foundations of Independent Living RapidCourse Series

Courses in the series include:

  • Disability, Diversity, and Intersectionality in CILs: Strategies for Strengthening Outreach to Unserved and Underserved Populations
    Provides an overview of what disability, diversity, and intersectionality (DDI) means for CILs and what CILs can do to prepare for, welcome, and meaningfully support racially and ethnically diverse consumers.  

  • History of Independent Living
    Provides an historical overview of the emergence of the independent living movement and its importance in shaping societal attitudes. It is divided into the following sections: History of Disability Rights; Emergence of the Independent Living Movement; and Leaders of the Independent Living Movement. The RapidCourse will be especially useful to help New CIL staff and boards and new SILC members in becoming oriented to independent living.

  • Relationships Among CILs, the SILC and the Designated State Entity
    Provides an overview of the key roles and responsibilities of the Centers for Independent Living (CILs), Statewide Independent Living Councils (SILCs), and Designated State Entities (DSEs) in the total independent living program. The course will be especially useful to help new CIL staff and boards and new SILC members in becoming oriented to the roles and responsibilities of independent living partners.
  • Standards and Assurances for Centers for Independent Living 
    This recently updated module provides an overview of the Rehabilitation Act (The Act), as amended, evaluation standards and assurances applicable to centers for independent living (CILs).

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