How CILs Can Transform the Housing Landscape (8 Hours)

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St. Louis, MO
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About the Training

This on-demand training addresses one of the most pressing barriers to independent living: housing. Presenters explore a wide range of solutions to expand accessible, affordable, integrated housing in communities.

This training is part of Our Homes: IL-NET’s series of trainings and resources on accessible, affordable, integrated housing for Centers for Independent Living (CILs) and Statewide Independent Living Councils (SILCs). The lack of accessible, affordable, integrated housing remains the biggest obstacle as CILs implement the core services of transition and diversion. Expanding housing is a key component of the provision of CIL core services and successful outcomes for consumers.  

Target Audience

Center for Independent Living staff, especially administrators, housing specialists, and advocates; it may also be of benefit to CIL board members, and staff and members of Statewide Independent Living Councils.

Learning Objectives

You will learn: 

  • Physical and housing program compliance.
  • Urban and rural housing programs and the community housing planning processes.
  • How to build relationships with key housing partners to create effective and innovative solutions to expand housing options for people with disabilities.
  • Major sources of federal or state funding for housing for people with disabilities.
  • Effective advocacy strategies to expand housing resources for people with disabilities, including those in rural areas.

Video/Training Materials/Resources

Below are the links to the recorded sessions, the PowerPoint presentations, text transcripts of the presentations, and a link to additional resources on housing. To view individual presentations, follow the links below. To view a catalog of presentations from the training visit:

Module 01: Overview of the Housing Action Plan 

Module 02: Overview of the Housing Action Plan (Continued)

Module 03: Group Discussion: Common Housing Barriers

Module 04: Describe Housing Programs and the Housing Planning Processes

Module 05: Day One - Wrap-Up

Module 06: Relationships with Key Housing Partners 

Module 07: Relationships with Key Housing Partners (Continued)

Module 08: Relationships Q & A

Module 09: Making the Case & Estimating Need in Your Community

Module 10: Major Sources of Federal & State Housing Funding - The IFF/IHDA Model

Module 11: Major Sources of Federal & State Housing Funding (Continued)

Other Training, Publications, and Resources on Housing