IL Partnership with Disability Advisory Councils, Boards, and Commissions

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About the training

The Independent Living (IL) Movement is full of disability subject matter experts who make fantastic advisory council and commission members. Does your city or county have a disability or accessibility body to provide subject matter advice or direction? This webinar will cover positive outcomes and best practices as the result of being involved with your community at the advisory level. 

Independent Living Philosophy is often overlooked by government and non-government organizations alike. Even disability related organizations miss opportunities to expand awareness regarding IL. Advisory opportunities are a great way to expand awareness about the IL Movement. As a volunteer and advocate, people who know IL can open doors to more accessibility and educate professionals and representatives about disability laws and rights. Creating an advisory group, council, commission, or simply joining an existing group is a powerful way to advocate for the rights of ALL people in the community.

Target Audience

CIL executive directors, program managers, staff, and any others interested in partnerships with advisory bodies.

Learning Objectives

  • Describe the types, classification, and definitions of advisory bodies.
  • Describe the benefits associated with using advisory boards.
  • Describe strategies to locate, recruit, and engage a diverse pool of candidates for the advisory body.
  • Identify tools and strategies for developing partnerships with advisory boards and committees that include goal development and strategic planning.

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