Practicing Consumer Control: Using Focus Groups in Your Strategic Plan (1.5 Hours)

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About the Presentation

Consumer control is a central tenant of the Independent Living movement. The strength and quality of a Center depends on how well the Center responds to the needs of consumers in the community. Being responsive to those needs requires research, feedback from consumers, and careful planning. This training provides information on how to conduct effective focus groups to gain input and insight for strategic planning at your Center.

This training is designed to provide participants with knowledge and resources that will enable them to:

  • Determine when and how to consider qualitative research in support of organizational objectives as well as describe various approaches to assessing constituent and consumer needs
  • Plan, prepare and conduct successful focus groups
  • Describe the process of coding and analyzing data, interpreting reporting themes and patterns, and determining how to best communicate findings to interested parties
  • Integrate solutions for CIL service improvements and operations based on the results of an effective needs identification process

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