SILC Policies and Procedures: A Solid Foundation for Management (1.25 Hours)

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About the Training

Great policies and procedures are a critical piece of effective SILC management.  We may hear them begrudged as tedious or bureaucratic, but the fact is that they are there for our benefit and can be incredibly useful. Policies and procedures are a road map to keep you and your Council happy, functional, and in compliance.  They’re helpful day-to-day and can be invaluable in times of uncertainty or transition. 

You will learn how strong policies and procedures can define and improve all types of SILC operations, including member recruitment and training, term limits / removal, fiscal procedures, funding regulations, personnel management, and more. 

Target Audience

SILC Chairs, Executive Directors, staff, and Council members

Learning Objectives

You will learn to:

  • Describe the importance and benefits of having written administrative policies and operating procedures for SILCs that support good governance.
  • Describe meeting rules and expectations for officers and members, including rules for term limits and member removal.
  • Identify financial policies and procedures that are matched to the amount of fiscal responsibility assumed by the SILC.
  • Determine strategies for managing public comments while adhering to the state open meeting laws.
  • Describe, through case studies and examples of best practices, strong standard operating procedures for SILC responsibilities such as recruitment, appointment, and orientation, training, legal liabilities, regulatory requirements, and personnel policies.

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