SILC Roles and Responsibilities Within the IL Network (1.5 Hours)

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About the training

The IL-NET T&TA Center for Independent Living collaborated with the National Association of Statewide Independent Living Councils (NASILC) and offer this new training on SILC roles and responsibilities within the IL Network. The panel discusses SILC duties and authorities and the real world impact those can have on an IL Network. The interactive style of the training will provide perspective from three different SILCs and how they have become effective partners in their networks. This training is great for new staff and Council members and seasoned veterans who are looking to reinvigorate the focus of their SILC. 

Target Audience

SILC members and officers, SILC directors, and SILC staff.

What you will learn

  • The regulatory requirements regarding SILC duties and responsibilities.
  • Strategies for aligning activities with the SILC authorities specified in federal regulations.
  • Identifying strategies for SILCs in fulfilling duties and specified authorities in an equity-based framework.

View the training (01:26:36)