SILCs and the Importance of Autonomy: Power Struggles and Relationships with the DSE and the IL Network

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About the training

The IL-NET T&TA Center for Independent Living collaborated with the National Association of Statewide Independent Living Councils (NASILC) to bring you this new training on SILC autonomy and problems that exist between SILCs and the DSE. Our panelists explore the critical importance of SILC autonomy and real world solutions for working through issues between the SILC and DSE (designated state entity). 

Target Audience

SILC members and officers, SILC directors, and SILC staff.

What you will learn

  • Statutory requirements relating to SILC independence and autonomy, SILC standards and assurances, and DSE assurances.
  • What is meant by “autonomy” and what that looks like for SILCs.
  • Examples of how SILCs maintain, ensure, or reinforce its independence and autonomy with the DSE and the IL network.

View the training (01:28:40)