Statewide Needs Assessment Process: One State’s Successful Committee Approach (1.25 Hours)

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About the Training

Do you know who you aren’t reaching? SILCs are required to do statewide needs assessment to ensure outreach efforts are getting to the right people. A reliable needs assessment process is your state’s best tool to determine who is left out and the first step in figuring out how to reach them. View this on-demand training to learn how you can adopt a proven committee approach to needs assessment in your state. 

This training isn’t just for SILCs. Given the new enhanced role of CILs in the SPIL process, it is vitally important that CILs look more closely at the statewide processes for data gathering, collaboration, and planning. 

Target Audience

SILC & CIL Executive Directors, Council and board members, staff, and any others involved in the statewide needs assessment process.

Learning Objectives 

Upon completion of this training, participants will be able to:

  • Identify SILC requirements related to needs assessments.
  • Explain how needs assessment results and priorities dovetail with SPIL development and sections of the SPIL.
  • Review a committee approach to address a statewide needs assessment for SILCs given the lack of fiscal resources.

View the Training (01:08:01)

Transcript and Resources

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