Townhall Discussion on Institutional Diversion (1 Hour)

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About the Training

Keeping people out of institutions is a new required service of CILs as part of the new core services from WIOA. But the fact of the matter is that CILs have been keeping people out of nursing homes and other institutions for years. We’ve organized this townhall discussion as an opportunity for a peer discussion on how best to divert people from nursing homes and other institutions, but also how to record and report the good work CILs are already doing in this arena. We’ll facilitate the discussion with some key questions, but we hope you’ll sign-up and come ready to engage in this critical conversation.

Target Audience

CIL Executive Directors, Program Managers, IL Specialists, and any other staff interested in the discussion on institutional diversion as a core service.

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Transcript and Resources

Other Resources on Institutional Transition and Diversion