CIL-NET: A National Training and Technical Assistance Project for CILs

The CIL-NET mission is to support the independent living movement and the operation, management, and evaluation of strong and effective centers for independent living led and staffed by people who practice the independent living philosophy. CIL-NET fulfills this mission by providing a continuum of information, training and technical assistance designed to assist centers to operate effective organizations; to fulfill their role as community advocates and change agents; and to develop strong, consumer-responsive services. A companion project, the SILC-NET, serves Statewide Independent Living Councils.

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Training for CILs

On-location training, online courses, national webinars, Web-based information, training materials, fact sheets, and other resource materials are offered by the CIL-NET.

Complete List of Training for CILs

Technical Assistance

Technical assistance, peer mentoring and intensive support for centers at risk can be requested by contacting the CIL-NET TA Coordinator.

The IL-NET Technical Assistance Blog provides information on a number of topics.