The 3-Year SPIL Cycle: Using the Big Picture to Stay on Track (0.5 Hours)

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About the Training

Of course your State Plan for Independent Living (SPIL) is submitted every three years, but SPIL development should be an ongoing process.  A good SPIL begins with a thoughtful, timely development process that’s ongoing.  Watch this on-demand presentation for a proven process and real-life examples of how New York State has created a comprehensive process to develop the next SPIL, while also monitoring, evaluating, and learning from the current one.  

Target Audience

SILC Chairs, Executive Directors, staff and Council members.

Learning Objectives

  • An approved State Plan for Independent Living (SPIL) is a binding document with a 3-year time frame.
  • Statewide Independent Living Councils (SILCs) focus heavily on SPIL formulation and development, but have other distinct responsibilities each year of the plan.
  • The 3-year SPIL cycle, and the SILCs responsibilities, are a continuous process that never ends.

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