Coordinating Accessible & Engaging Virtual Events for CILs and SILCs: A Panel Discussion of Promising Practices (1.5 Hours)

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About the training

We are all adapting to the virtual environment. So much of our work is done virtually now that we hardly have a choice. But, we must do everything possible to ensure that our virtual spaces are as accessible as possible. This panel discussion of promising practices from the IL-NET team including APRIL, ILRU, and NCIL that addresses making your virtual events accessible and engaging may be useful to your programs. We will share specific tips, features, and accommodations, along with a broader discussion of ideas and resources to consider for your meetings and events. 

Target Audience

Executive directors, program managers, and staff members of Centers for Independent Living

What you will learn

Upon completion of this webinar, participants will have knowledge and resources that will enable them to:
  • Describe effective strategies for ensuring all aspects of virtual events are fully accessible including registration, paywall, and event communications. 
  • Identify accessibility features offered by the Zoom platform. 
  • Describe ways to improve virtual engagement and combat virtual burnout. 

View the training (01:31:33)

Note: To view the ASL interpreter and speaker, use the playback options in the bottom right-hand corner of the training video and select Gallery View.

Note: Additional website resources follow that have been provided by Mary Willard, APRIL during the training:

Online Engagement Resources