Developing an Outcomes-Focused SPIL (1.5 Hours)

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About the Training

Outcomes! These days, we’re all well aware of the necessity to focus our efforts on outcomes. That’s powerfully important, but it may not be immediately obvious how to do it. For example, ACL wants you to focus your upcoming SPIL around outcomes, but what exactly does that mean? How exactly can you do it?

This training provides a simple 3-step process for developing an outcomes-focused SPIL in your state. Our presenter has spent years working with SILCs and CILs all over the country to help them focus on outcomes, and he has many practical suggestions to offer.

Target Audience

Executive directors, council members, and staff of statewide independent living councils

Learning Objectives:

Participants in this training will learn:

  • Three basic steps to developing an outcomes-focused SPIL
  • How to develop your mission, goals, and objectives (Step 1)
  • How to turn your general objective into specific plans (Step 2)
  • How to develop an action strategy to achieve each of your SPIL’s objectives (Step 3)

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