High-Performance Measurement Framework for SILCs: A Three-Part Training (4 Hours)

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About the training

This three-part training that will cover the basic information SILC’s needs to know to establish a high-performance culture with an emphasis on developing a statewide measurement framework that uses data and outcomes to best measure and communicate the SILC’s unique impact. These trainings and the companion workbook will up-level participating SILCs by providing them the tools to use measurement to increase their impact, revenue, efficiency, collaboration, and positive press. You will learn how to create a measurement and comprehensive capacity building plan by exploring the five key elements required for high performance cultures. You will gain hands-on experience, mixed with practical and proven instruction that lead to real results.

Target Audience

Primarily SILC staff and Council members, but will be of benefit to CIL executives, staff, and board members interested in a statewide approach to measurement and evaluation of IL services and outcomes.

Learning Objectives

What you will learn:

  • Learn how to create high-performance measurement cultures 
  • Discover the importance of a SILC logic model for success
  • Learn how to attract funders with data
  • Learn how to create the perfect customized statewide measurement framework
  • Explore impactful data-driven communication strategies using data

Part One: View Training (01:25:53)

What it means to be a high-performance measurement culture and why a measurement framework is critical to your success.

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Part Two: View Training (01:19:13)

How to select and capture the best measures to quantify your impact and value.

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Part Three: View Training (01:19:55)

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