Leading Statewide Strategic Planning (1 Hour)

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About the Training

Strong, effective SILCs are leaders in statewide strategic planning. While the SPIL is a strategic plan to advance independent living in the state, it does not constitute a strategic plan for the SILC as an organization. With pending changes and new allowable activities for SILCs in the transition to the new Independent Living Administration, it’s an important time for SILCs to develop their own strategic plan to strengthen the organization, the SPIL and the IL community in the state. View this training to learn why it’s important to have a SILC strategic plan. Our presenters share concrete ways to develop your strategic plan, including tips for planning in light of the transition to the Independent Living Administration at HHS.

Target Audience

SILC Chairs and Executive Directors, and any SILC Committee members responsible for strategic planning and/or SPIL development.

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this on-demand training, participants will have knowledge and resources that will enable them to:

  • Differentiate between a SILC strategic planning process and SPIL development
  • Describe effective strategic planning that supports inclusion in all processes and full accessibility of meetings and materials
  • Describe effective processes for collecting and synthesizing input and setting priorities
  • Describe strategies that will engage, support, and follow up with stakeholders to ensure successful implementation of the strategic plan

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Transcript and Resources

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