Community-Based Services, Part 1: Creating a Report Card for Your State (1.25 hours)

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About the Training

This series on new opportunities in community-based services is offered in three parts. The series explores community resources, participant direction, and funding sources, all within the context of a Center for Independent Living. The three parts include:

Creating a Community-Based Services Report Card for Your State provides you with strategies to determine your state’s commitment to home and community-based services and measure the effectiveness of providing opportunities to offer participants choice and control. These collection activities are applied to various funding strategies (Medicaid; Medicare; Centers for Disease Control; Older Americans Act, including Medicaid, Older Americans Act and Veterans Administration). The presenter also provides tips to synthesize and use materials that are introduced.

Topics include introduction of the various resources available to:

  • access information and data associated with long-term services and support;
  • analyze the information and data; and
  • compare your state with national averages.

The session identifies resources and techniques to collect data and information from:

  • AARPs Public Policy Institute recent report on the Impact of the Great Recession on Long-term Services and Supports;
  • State’s Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System;
  • Kaiser Foundation; and
  • other resources about community living.

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of the training series, participants will be able to:

  1. Access various resources to obtain data and information about home and community-based services.
  2. Apply techniques to analyze information and data collected.
  3. Draw relevant assumptions based on the gathered information and data.

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