Developing an Outcomes-Focused SPIL: Three Easy Steps (3 Hours)

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About the Training

These four on-demand video modules are designed for Statewide Independent Living Council members to enhance their skills in developing the State Plan for Independent Living. Maximum benefit will be obtained by each Council working through the modules as a group, since group discussion is a vital part of the learning process; however, when necessary, individual Council members can view the modules separately at their own pace.

Each module will require about three hours on an agenda, since there are individual and group exercises as well as straight presentation of material. If the Council prefers to study the material all at once at a special meeting, the entire training would take about one and a half days.

In order for every person in a group to see all the material on each slide, you will need either (a) a large projection system of some kind, or (b) a printout of the slides from the PPTX file below. Some of the slides will need to be enlarged when printed for maximum readability and accessibility.

Group discussion will benefit greatly from having a facilitator who has watched all four modules beforehand, gathered the materials described below, and drafted an agenda timetable that will best serve the group.

Module Instructions:

  • For Module 1, each participant will need a blank sheet of paper.
  • For Module 2, the group will need Post-It notes which will be placed on a wall or a flip chart on an easel. It is recommended that 4" X 6" Post-Its in three different colors be used, but smaller Post-Its can also work.
  • For Module 3, each participant will need the "SPIL Planning Table (Specifics)" worksheet below. The worksheet should be printed on legal-size paper.
  • For Module 4, each participant will need both the "SPIL Planning Table (Action Strategy)" worksheet and the "Full SPIL Planning Table" worksheet below. Each of these worksheets should be printed on legal-size paper.

Videos/Training Materials

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