Establishing and Managing Fees for Service in CILs (15 Hours)

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About the Training

We could all use additional funding. There’s simply no substitute when you need to hire more staff to get the job done at your CIL. When traditional fundraising efforts fall short, you may need to get creative. Fees-for-Service can be a great option and an exciting new venture for your CIL. Originally offered as an on-location training, this on-demand program explores the topic from top-to-bottom, with experienced presenters from CILs that have been through it all. With their help, you’ll learn what it takes, where to begin, and how to succeed.

Learning Objectives

By the end of this training, you will gain the skills and knowledge to be able to:

  • Describe examples of CIL fee-based services
  • Know where to begin establishing contracts for fees-for-service
  • Determine which services are most appropriate to be fee-based at your CIL
  • Identify agencies and businesses that may purchase fee-based services
  • Balance your role as advocate with being a contractor
  • Prepare for common pitfalls and how to rebound if they occur
  • Become a vendor, including application, referrals, billing, reporting, and more
  • Analyze your capacity to move beyond grant funding to contracts/fees-for-service
  • Integrate fee-based services into the overall programs of your CIL
  • Plan fee-based services strategically, including research and buy-in
  • Plan, analyze, and execute future expansion
  • Maintain the integrity of the IL philosophy as the CIL grows and expands
  • Analyze the cost of providing a service and establish your CIL’s rates
  • Decide when it’s appropriate (or not) to provide a service that’s not fully funded

Target Audience

Rural and urban CIL executive directors, accountants, program managers, board members and others interested in expanding CIL capacity through fees-for-service. The training will be of most benefit to small or moderate Centers that are poised to expand their CIL’s capacity through fees-for-service and contracts. It will also be of benefit to more experienced Centers who want to explore a diversity of ideas for expansion.


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Day Three