Funding and Delivering Youth Transition Programs: One CIL’s Experience with Sexuality Education (1.5 hours)

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About the Training

Is your Center interested in expanding services and programs for youth? In this training, Alie Kriofske from IndependenceFirst shares her knowledge and experience with funding and developing a youth sexuality education program. The goal of Making Proud Choices is to empower young people and adults with disabilities to make healthy choices around sexuality and relationships.

Target Audience

Any CIL staff and board members concerned with expanding CIL youth programs and services.

Learning Objectives

You will learn:

  • Tools and resources available to a Center for Independent Living to incorporate sexuality/relationship education for consumers as an IL skill.
  • One CIL’s best practices and consumer population for demonstrated effectiveness and sustainability.
  • The value of empowering youth, adolescents, and adults with disabilities to negotiate their way through choices and concerns related to sexuality and relationships.
  • Funding sources and opportunities for funding and collaboration with other organizations to make possible programs like this in a Center for Independent Living.

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PowerPoint and Transcript of the Program

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