The Latest on Effective SILC Management: A Discussion (3.5 Hours)

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About the Training

Effective management of the Statewide Independent Living Council and key operations like the SPIL has always been hard work. Recent changes from the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) have added some new challenges and uncertainty to the task. The SILC Training & TA Center has available these on-demand presentations to clarify some key changes and offer proven practices to SILCs across the country: Strategies for SILC Resource Plan, SILC Authorities, the Three-Year SPIL Cycle, Coordination of SILC Activities, and SILC Composition.

These on-demand presentations cover a range of issues related to effective SILC management. Each presentation is available online to fit into your schedule.

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  1. Coordination of SILC Activities (0.5 Hours)
  2. SILC Composition (1 Hour)
  3. SILC Authorities (0.5 Hours)
  4. The 3-Year SPIL Cycle: Using the Big Picture to Stay on Track (0.5 Hours)
  5. Strategies for SILC Resource Plan (1 Hour)

Transcript of the Question & Answer Session (docx)

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