Managed Care and the Independent Living Movement - A Two-part Series (3 Hours)

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About the Training

As officials in the states and federal government wrestle with budget deficits and growing healthcare costs, one growing response is to institute managed care plans for people with disabilities and seniors, including ones for people eligible for Medicaid and Medicare, the so-called “duals.”

There are concerns around managed care. But plans are coming and the alternative may simply be cutting services. It may not be enough to simply say “NO!” Disability rights activists, consumers, and Centers for Independent Living must be involved in the discussion.

In this series on managed care and the Independent Living Movement, you’ll hear from Bill Henning, Executive Director of the Boston CIL and Merrill Friedman, Chair of the Michigan SILC and Vice President for Advocacy at Amerigroup Corporation, a managed care organization. The discussion is moderated and rounded out by Suzanne Crisp, a nationally recognized presenter and expert on Medicaid and consumer directed services.

Target Audience

Executive directors, program managers and staff of Centers for Independent Living

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of these webinars, participants will have knowledge and resources that will enable them to:

  • Describe the basic elements of managed care
  • Explain the political context of managed care
  • Explore potential roles for CILs in building partnerships, advocating for the move to managed care, and actively engaging in the development and contracting process
  • Identify best practices that include how to start the conversation, how and where Managed Care Organizations (MCOs) are currently contracting, what services MCOs want CILs to provide, and how to locate existing resources

View Part 1 of the Training - Managed Care 101 (01:27:06)

PowerPoint Presentation and Transcript

View Part 2 of the Training - CILs Involvement in Managed CareTraining (01:26:41)

PowerPoint Presentation and Transcript

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