ABCs of Nursing Home Transition (11.5 Hours)

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End Date: 
Type of Training: 

About the Training

A training designed to assist centers for independent living in identifying strategies and insights for developing a relationship with nursing facilities, assisting individuals to identify thier needs, using checklists and tools for planning, maximizing the success of moving day, and providing advocacy after the move.

Learning Objectives

You will learn:

  • How the ADA and Olmstead Decision provide a framework for transition.
  • Ways to locate and assist individuals in assessing their needs and preferences for community-based living.
  • Approaches to assist individuals in developing and implementing a transition plan.
  • Strategies for effective post-transition activities for supporting community-based living.

Target Audience

Managers and front line workers new to transition along with more experienced staff who would benefit from interactive problem solving sessions.

Training Sessions

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

    Powerpoint presentations and transcripts of the training

    Additional Training and Resources on Institutional Transition & Diversion

    Additional Training and Resources on Home and Community-based Services