ABCs of Nursing Home Transition: A Four-Part Series (5 Hours)

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About the Training

Moving out of a nursing home is usually a process, not an action. Developing the skills to help people move out can take years. That's why we have developed this training to take years off the learning process. If you're a new transition facilitator or an advocate that works with consumers in nursing homes, you can't afford to miss this training. You'll learn skills and tips from Bruce Darling, one of the best advocates in the country. This extensive four part series works through the transition process chronologically. We'll begin at the foundation, with the laws and legal decisions that support people's right to live in their own homes in the community, to the planning process, the actual move, and critical elements of community living after someone moves in.

Presented in four parts, the sessions are:

  • Part 1: Laying the Groundwork for Transition
    • Setting the Stage: the ADA and the Olmstead Decision
    • Current Issues: Managed Care, ADRCs
    • Critical Components of Transition that Contribute to Success
    • Building Relationships with Nursing Homes, Family, and Other Supports
  • Part 2: Planning & Assessment
    • The Purpose and Components of the Assessment
    • The Assessment: Getting Started
    • Successful Interviewing Steps
  • Part 3: Preparing for and Making the Move
    • Transition Planning
    • Person Directed Planning
    • Transition Plan Components
    • Transition Schedule and Checklists
  • Part 4: After the Move – Community Supports
    • Post Transition Follow up Schedule and Checklists
    • Community Integration
    • Advocacy

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this training, participants will have knowledge and resources which will enable them to:

  • Identify strategies for outreach to individuals in facilities who wish to relocate.
  • Describe approaches to assisting individuals in identifying and assessing their needs and preferences for community-based living.
  • Describe tools and strategies for assisting individuals to plan for and make the move to the community.
  • Identify effective post-transition activities to support individuals in maintaining their lives in the community.
  • Understand the background, framework, and current issues with providing nursing home transition services

View the Training

Part 1: Outreach - Connecting with People Who Want to Transition (01:11:05)

Transcript and Resources

Part 2: Planning & Assessment (01:27:16)

Transcript and Resources

Part 3: Preparing for and Making the Move (01:24:36)

Transcript and Resources

Part 4: After the Move – Community Supports (01:17:14)

Transcript and Resources

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