Value Added: Collecting IL Data for Statewide and Local CIL / SILC Impact (1 Hour)

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About the Training

Does your state have an effective process to collect and use data that shows the impact of the great work being done by your CILs and SILC? If not, you’ll want to complete this training. We’ll show you how you can move beyond data collection as a chore to put data to work for you. It takes a concerted, statewide effort to do it right, but once a process is developed, your state will have all of the information you need to create effective talking points, testimonies, reports, and other materials to clearly communicate the value of IL to legislators, funders, and other key players.

Target Audience

SILC and CIL Executive Directors, Board Members, Program Managers, and others interested in IL data collection and reporting

Learning Objectives

You will learn:

  • The importance of obtaining buy-in and commitment from all relevant stakeholders for increasing the success of a statewide data collecting and reporting effort.
  • How to incorporate and utilize standardized collection methods at the local CIL level.
  • How to combine individual CIL data into a statewide database reporting tool.
  • Strategies for expanding CIL capacity by utilizing a statewide database reporting tool.
  • How to use collected data to impact funding at the state legislative level.
  • A methodology and best practices in developing a successful statewide data sharing program.
  • How to apply a methodology statewide for sharing by CILs and key partners.

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Transcript and Resources

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