Effective Statewide Outreach: One State's Collaborative Approach (2.5 Hours)

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About the Training

Identifying gaps in geographic areas and populations served, making plans for reaching them, and creating programs that fill those gaps is a complex process that takes careful planning and collaboration. In this training, you will learn how one state’s IL network developed an effective outreach process, from conception to implementation.

In Part 1, the presenter shares an example of an effective statewide process including developing an outreach committee; gathering, analyzing, and sharing findings with the IL network, consumers and other stakeholders; and informing the State Plan for Independent Living planning process.

Part 2 covers effective ways for Centers to participate in the outreach process. Three different CILs in New York share how their Center addressed local problems and un/underserved groups identified in the SPIL process, identified new funding opportunities through new outreach programs, and improved outcomes for current and new consumers.

Target Audience

SILC and CIL Executive Directors, board members, staff, and any others interested in outreach efforts.

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this two-part series, you will have knowledge and resources that will enable you to:

  • Describe the statutory requirements of the State Plan for Independent Living relating to outreach efforts
  • Describe the role of needs assessment and how this fits into the SPIL formulation and development process, including prioritizing identified needs related to outreach
  • Describe an approach for developing an outreach committee in your state that defines roles and responsibilities, objectives, monitoring and the evaluation process
  • Identify effective methods for CILs' outreach to unserved/underserved populations that includes reporting on activities, outcomes, and impact of outreach activities
  • Identify targeted outreach programs more effectively through best practices shared by SILC and CIL directors

View Training Part 1: Statewide Needs Assessment (01:10:36)

Transcript and Resources

View Training Part 2: Implementing Outreach Programs (01:24:58)

Transcript and Resources

Other Training and Resources on Gathering, Analyzing and Utilizing Data