Operating Personal Assistance Services in Centers for Independent Living (10.5 Hours)

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About the Training

Personal assistance service programs can be a key to financial stability for a Center for Independent Living. They can also increase personal assistance services in your community and ensure consumer-direction. But many Centers interested in developing PAS programs are overwhelmed by the thought of increased staff time, liability issues, and Medicaid reimbursement. This IL-NET training is designed to help de-mystify PAS programs for Centers for Independent Living. Our presenters operate some of the most successful CIL personal assistance programs in the country. You will learn how to develop, implement, and maintain a PAS program that is consumer-directed, supports your Center and advocacy program financially, and serves your community. Originally conducted by the IL-NET as a two and one-half day training, links to the recorded sessions are provided below.

Learning Objectives

You will learn:

  • The philosophical and values base for consumer-directed personal assistance program
    • How it fits within and enhances the CIL model
    • Inter-connection of PAS with housing, transportation, etc.
    • Ideas and suggestions for what needs to happen within your state
  • Essential elements needed for administration of personal assistance service business
    • Employment and management procedures, protocols, and policies
    • Risk management for consumers and staff
  • The key components of service delivery in a consumer-directed PAS program
    • Enrollment process; needs assessment
    • Dealing with wait lists and service cuts
  • Effective strategies for working with state agencies and the state legislature
    • Impact of CLASS Act
    • Working with waivers

Target Audience

CIL executive directors, program managers, and staff addressing issues surrounding personal assistance services programs.

Videos/Training Materials/Resources

Introduction (00:36:03)

Presenters: Suzanne Crisp, Darrell Jones and Richard Petty

Philosophical and Values Base for a Consumer-Directed PAS Program (01:42:01)

Presenters: Suzanne Crisp, Mike Oxford, Phil Pangrazio and Lee Schulz

Key Components of Service Delivery in a Consumer-Directed PAS Program / Wrap Up (02:33:53)

Presenters: Gwen Dean, Mike Oxford, Phil Pangrazio, Ginger Reimer, Lee Schulz and Ami Weidler-Hyten

Review Day One (01:02:04)

Presenters: Suzanne Crisp, Mike Oxford, Richard Petty and Lee Schulz

Essential Elements Needed for Administration of a PAS Program / Top Five Issues (01:25:31)

Presenters: Suzanne Crisp, Gwen Dean, Ginger Reimer, and Ami Weidler-Hyten

Essential Elements Needed for Administration of a PAS Program (continued) (02:08:38)

Presenters: Suzanne Crisp, Gwen Dean, Ginger Reimer, and Ami Weidler-Hyten

Effective Strategies for Working with State Agencies and the State Legislature (00:42:59)

Presenters: Mike Oxford, Phil Pangrazio, and Lee Schulz

Review Day Two / Next Steps (01:03:39)

Presenters: Suzanne Crisp, Mike Oxford, Phil Pangrazio, Richard Petty, and Lee Schulz

Next Steps Activity / Wrap Up (00:20:49)

Presenter: Suzanne Crisp

Other Training and Resources on Personal Assistance Services