Get to the Core of It: Integrating CIL Core Services for a Holistic Consumer Experience (12 Hours)

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Tempe, Arizona
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About the Training

Consumer control is at the heart of Independent Living. Centers for Independent Living distinguish themselves and the quality of their services by allowing consumers to determine their own goals and success. It’s a simple concept, but running a CIL and providing the core services is anything but. This training will provide you with best practices and innovative approaches to the core services by going straight back to our roots in consumer control and the independent living philosophy. We will address all of the CIL core services, including the new core services of transition of youth, transition from institutions to the community, and avoiding institutionalization.

Our team of experienced CIL directors and staff will give you real-world solutions to build integrated, seamless services and programs focused on consumer empowerment and success.

Purpose and Target Audience

Executive Directors, Program Managers, Independent Living Specialists, Youth Transition Coordinators and other staff at Centers for Independent Living, that are responsible for CIL core services and program delivery. 

Learning Objectives

  • Effective interviewing and goal setting practices that support consumer control and direction.
  • Effective Information & Referral (I&R) services that are responsive to community needs.
  • Approaches to implementing or strengthening core services in Peer Support and IL Skills Training that are responsive to consumer needs.
  • Approaches to implementing or strengthening Individual and Systems Advocacy activities that reflect community and consumer needs identified through core and other services.
  • Strategies for seamless integration of the new core services of Institutional Transition and Diversion to new populations and through your existing core services.
  • Strategies for seamless integration of the new core service of youth transition that attracts, involves, and fully engages youth and young adults at all levels of CIL governance and operations.

Video/Training Materials/Resources

Below are the links to the recorded sessions, the PowerPoint presentations, text transcripts of the presentations, and a link to additional resources on CIL core services. To view individual presentations, follow the links below.  To view a catalog of presentations from this training visit:

Module 01: Connecting IL Philosophy and Seamless Consumer-Driven Service Delivery

Module 02: Incorporating Discussions of Empowerment & Self-Advocacy with Consumers at Initial Contact

Module 03: Seamless Service Delivery Snapshots from Presenter CILs

Module 04: Review of Day 1 

Module 05: Implementing Effective Information & Referral Services

Module 06: Applying Effective Interviewing & Goal-Setting Practices that Support Consumer Control and Direction

Module 07: Implementing or Strengthening Effective Individual and Systems Advocacy Activities

Module 08: Review of Day 2

Module 09: Implementing or Strengthening Effective Peer Support Services: Ability 360's Example

Module 10: Implementing or Strengthening Effective Core Services in IL Skills Training

Module 11A: Seamlessly Integrating Serving Youth in Transition into Core Services, Part A

Module 11B: Seamlessly Integrating Serving Youth in Transition into Core Services, Part B

Module 12: Review of Day 3

Module 13: Seamlessly Integrating Transition and Diversion Into Core Services

Additional Training Materials

Other Training and Publications on CIL Core Services