Financial Management Workshop for CILs: Regulations and Beyond (15 Hours)

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Baltimore, MD
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About the Training

This program offers an updated version of our popular financial management workshop that provides CILs the latest information on compliance and financial management practices. Whether you are new to nonprofit accounting or are looking to bolster your Center’s financial policies and procedures, you will learn exactly what you need to do to strengthen your Center, effectively manage finances, and ensure compliance with federal regulations. Led by John Heveron, a certified CPA with over 40 years working with non-profits – including Centers for Independent Living – the program will provide you with the skills and resources that are essential to sound financial management in a thriving Center for Independent Living. This on-demand training was originally conducted as a three day training in May 2016.

Target Audience

This training will be most beneficial to CIL executive directors, fiscal staff, program managers, and board members interested in CIL and nonprofit financial management.  Staff and members of SILCs may also benefit.

Learning Objectives

You will learn:

  • The new environment of accountability, good governance, and ethical practice for nonprofits, Uniform Guidance regulations & the key principles that impact CILs
  • How to survive scrutiny, to secure resources, and to make sure those resources are used properly
  • Responsibilities of the board to the community it serves and for financial direction of the organization
  • The policies & procedures your CIL must have in place
  • Effective purchasing policies/procurement procedures
  • What things can go wrong in nonprofits and how policies and internal controls can prevent them from happening
  • Policies governing meeting and meal costs
  • Special requirements for certain types of costs and allowability of other types of cost and cost allocation
  • Changes in time and effort reporting
  • The new auditing standards for nonprofits
  • The risks of fraud & theft, and how controls can limit both, including how to identify risks
  • Ways of reassessing exposure as risks change
  • How technology creates opportunities for fraud
  • To identify the most efficient & effective way to submit an indirect cost rate proposal
  • How to identify potential embezzlers

Video/Training Materials/Resources

Below are links to the recorded sessions, the PowerPoint presentations, text transcript of the presentations, training materials, and a link to additional resources on CIL financial management. To view individual presentations, follow the links below. To view a catalog of presentations from this training visit,

Module 1: Framework for Accountability

Module 2: Board Roles and Responsibilities

Module 3: Regulatory Changes

Module 4: An Example CIL Financial Management Approach

Module 5.1: Indirect Cost Rate Proposals

Module 5.2: Indirect Cost Rate Part II

Module 5.3: Indirect Cost Rate Example

Module 6: New Auditor Independence Rules

Module 7: Developing a Financial Management Manual

Module 8: Day 1 Wrap-Up, Q&A

Module 9: A Word from Bob Williams, ILA Director

Module 10: Documentation of Expenditures

Module 11: Documentation for Payroll Time Worked and Services Provided

Module 12: Elements of a Purchasing Plan

Module 13: Management of Risk in Nonprofit Organizations

Module 14: Developing & Evaluating Your Organization's Internal Control Policies

Module 15: Day 2 Wrap-Up, Q&A

Module 16: Review of Day 2

Module 17: Making Your Accounting System Consistent with Your Indirect Cost Rate

Module 18: Regulations Regarding Lobbying and Political Activity

Module 19: Resources on Financial Management and Ethical Practices

Additional Training Materials

Additional Resources on CIL Financial Management